Our community engages in a number or community service projects on a regular basis. Some of these we have initiated on our own, and others are cooperative endeavors with other agencies and places of worship in the area. Most of our efforts center on feeding the hungry. In conjunction with the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, the local food pantry and a coordinated interfaith group we participate in on-going efforts to collect, prepare, deliver and serve food in needy communities. We make an effort to involve all members of the congregation in these service projects, from the youngest Hebrew School students to our adult members. Our most successful projects in recent years include:

  • Grocery      bags      — This is an interfaith project we participate in with a number of churches      in the area serving those living in welfare motels in the area. Once a      month, we give 20 bags of assorted non-perishable food items to these      transitional residents. Each house of worship provides 20 of one item      (peanut butter, cereal, crackers, etc.), which are sorted into bags and      delivered. TBA provides the granola bars and our Hebrew School students      and teen teachers have helped with making up the bags and delivery.
  • Food      Pantry      — We regularly collect and deliver non-perishable items to the local food      pantry at St. Mary’s Catholic church in Bordentown. One of our members      also volunteers there regularly.
  • Meal      delivery      — Another interfaith effort, this time with the Crosswicks Methodist      Church, the Unitarian Church, and HomeFront; the church prepares and      packages meals once a month for residents of area motels, and TBA members      and Hebrew School Students deliver them.
  • Trenton      Area Soup Kitchen — Our students and teens also      participate throughout the year in collecting hygiene items, making bag      lunches and serving food at TASK.
  • Programs      for the elderly      — The Hebrew School students have prepared a number of creative programs      for the elderly residents at The Clare Estate in Bordentown. Hanukah      songs, Passover prayers, interactive craft projects and hand-made gifts      have enlivened the residents’ holiday season and especially boosted morale      for the Jewish residents.
  • FUNDRAISING      — Proceeds from the annual student organized Purim Carnival fund these      efforts, along with generous donations from our members.